We love hearing what you’ve got to say about Bunnychow (even the bad bits though they do suck a bit so it’s thankful that you all say pretty lovely things).

If you think you’re a good critic then you and up to 4 friends can pop into our Wardour Street store and give us your feedback!  We’ll provide the food and drink, all you have to do is give us honest answers to different questions.  We use all of your feedback to help us shape the menu and continually improve what we’re doing.

Email us at: with the title FOCUS GROUP and tell us why you should attend a focus group, we need to feel that PASSION you critics, you!

The Boring but necessary stuff:

  • Max of 6 people
  • Off peak times only (excludes 12:30-2pm and 6-7:30pm
  • Each event lasts approx 1 hour
  • Most of your group must arrive within 10 mins of your allotted slot so we can make a start

Get emailing!

Love team BC x